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Come as

you are

Group Sound Bath ​Meditation



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Come as

you are

Sound Bath Meditation

About me

My name is Jhoana, I am so pleased you are visiting my website. Welcome!

I am bi-lingual and of Colombian origin. I live with my family and rescue greyhound in beautiful ​Hampshire. I am a highly experienced facilitator passionate about holistic healing journeys; I ​trained as a counsellor over 15 years ago, I am a fully insured and a member of the BACP. I ​combine my counselling training with meditation, spirituality, and plant/flower modalities. I ​work with people of all faiths and none, and work with them where they are in their own ​journey.

I was drawn to Sound Bath Meditations after years of working on myself as this was the first ​that bridged a connection to my authentic self - body, spirit and mind. It became, and ​remains, a space where I can be unapologetically me with the freedom to bring facets of ​myself and gain so much wisdom, growth and healing. This is why I invite you to Come As You ​Are ~ join me in embracing your true self and embark on this transformative journey and ​unfolding.

I offer private counselling, one-to-one or group Sound Bath Meditations in localities around ​Surrey and East Hampshire. Please Contact me to find out more.

"Oh wondering one, if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don't look outside. Look within and seek that"


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Come as

you are

Individual therapy

I have vast experience of working with people going through difficult times in their lives and I ​am dedicated to guiding transformative journeys toward holistic healing. I carefully intertwine ​psychodynamic principles with mindfulness, spirituality, and aromatherapy in my approach, ​tailoring it to meet your individual needs. My practice is deeply rooted in creating a safe, non-​judgmental space where you can explore your innermost self and embark on a journey of self-​discovery and healing.

One on one meeting at work

Key Elements of my Approach:

Psychodynamic Exploration: Engaging in deep, introspective conversations to uncover underlying patterns, conflicts, and unconscious ​processes influencing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Mindfulness Integration: Incorporating mindfulness techniques to foster present-moment awareness, enhance emotional regulation, and ​promote self-compassion.

Spiritual Exploration: Welcoming clients of all faiths (or none) to explore the spiritual dimensions of their lives, facilitating a deeper ​connection to yourself and the world.

Aromatherapy: Utilizing the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and support emotional well-being.

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Tibetan singing bowl

What is a sound bath?

A Sound Bath is a relaxing meditative experience where you are bathed​ by a medley of sound - I use Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, bells,​ voice and more. It is a perfect introduction to meditating as you do not​ need experience - just your breath, an open heart and mind. Each​ person's experience is unique however people generally report it is​ relaxing, immersive and peaceful. My Sound Baths are generally an hour​ long, lying down meditation held in a beautiful serene sonic​ atmosphere. Sound has been used for sacred practices for centuries​ for healing benefits across many cultures - from native tribes in South​ America to monks in Tibet​

Welcome to

where you are free to bring yourself!

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation
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People often report that after Sound Bath Meditations they experience ~

  • reduced stress and tension
  • improved emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing
  • improved sleep
  • spiritual connectedness
  • a sense of restoration
  • clarity and insight
  • improved meditation practice
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What to expect...

Individual Sound Bath Meditations last 50 minutes and are held in ​beautiful treatment spaces, or a suitable space in your home, and ​include a 15-minute pre-consultation. Please email me to enquire as ​availability is limited.

Investment - £60*

Group Sound Bath Meditation lasts for approximately 1 hour and 30 ​minutes and include time to reflect on the meditation before and ​after the Sound Bath. Venues vary in size - you can expect to share ​the space with 8-18 people of mixed genders unless its a specific ​women's only session.

As you will be laying on the floor for most of the meditation I ​encourage you to bring a blanket, pillow, yoga mat - anything to ​make yourself feel comfortable!

Investment - £20*

*My Sound Baths are available to all - for that reason I offer a sliding scale for ​people on low incomes - contact me before booking. No explanation ​needed. I welcome pay-it forward gifts to make this possible.

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how to prepare...

There is no right or wrong way of approaching a Sound Bath. Come with an open mind and heart. However, here are a few top tips to get the most of your meditation.

I highly recommend you don't drink alcohol before the meditation, and strong coffee, tea or energy drinks a few hours beforehand.

Do come hydrated and feel free to bring a water bottle.

Leading up to the meditation consider your intention - what do you want to get from the meditation? Some people find it helpful to pick and bring a small object to represent their intention.

I use incense, essential oils and aura sprays from Dimensions - please let me know if you are pregnant or have a condition that could be impacted by these.

Once booked I will be in touch prior to the meditation with further information. However, feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

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“ Thank you so, so much for ​your time last Thursday and for ​sharing a truly wonderful ​experience with us. Needless to ​say, we were enchanted by your ​Sound Bath and were left deep ​in thought and wonder. It was ​magical and felt like a blessing”

Private Sound Bath Booking ​G, J and D

“I felt so calm after the sound bath and had a ​real sense of clarity for the rest of the day - it ​was very much welcome! thank you so much for ​being so professional, welcoming - it really was a ​gorgeous way to spend the afternoon.”

Group Sound Bath, M

"Having a sound bath with Jhoana was such a ​lovely, peaceful experience. She makes you feel ​so calm, at ease and able to really be yourself. ​For anyone looking for an alternative form of ​meditation that is spiritually uplifting and ​relaxing I'd recommend Jhoana’s Sound Bath”

Individual Sound Bath, Sam A.

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how to book

I currently offer individual and group Sound Bath sessions, and ​Counselling at The Centre for Complimentary Medicine ~ 13b ​Dragon Street, Petersfield, GU31 4JN

Individual Therapy sessions - Fridays 9 - 1pm

Group sessions - Evenings 7 ~ 8.30pm monthly

Friday 19th July

Thursday 22nd August

Book via The Centre's team on 01730 231655

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Yoga class

I welcome private group Sound Bath Meditation bookings ​subject to a suitable venue ~ please get in touch to discuss your ​group’s needs further.


6 week Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation - Venue to ​be confirmed

Monthly Women’s Circle - Venue to be confirmed

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Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation
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Thank you

Contact me

You can also get in touch with me directly if you have any ​questions or booking queries.

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07503 106 517 Text or leave a voicemail

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